In February 2016, I participated in my inaugural international humanitarian mission with Dentistry For All (a Canadian non-profit organization that has since expanded into the U.S.).  My charge was to serve as the group's Spanish interpreter during the 12-day mission trip in Guatemala, a new destination for me, and an overall definite dream come true.  In preparation for the trip, I launched my very first Go Fund Me campaign to raise money to be able to purchase extra supplies for the community where our clinic would be stationed as a means of giving more than I felt that I, as a non-medical volunteer, could provide.  On the trip, I quickly learned how valuable my language skills were and just how integral my position was to the success of this mission trip and our group of approximately 20 volunteers, most of whom had little to no proficiency in Spanish.  Together our team treated a total of 444 patients in six days at the clinic!  The experience was more than I could have ever imagined, providing me with an overwhelming abundance of compassion, optimism, adrenaline, exhaustion, exploration, enthusiasm, appreciation, satisfaction...but most of all, fond memories and countless smiles.  laughing